3D technology for waste reuse

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A circular economy project

A simple idea

Our mission is recovering post-consumer plastic to use it for make of beautiful and durable objects

A flexible technology

3D printing is an economic and scalable technology

A lot of creativity

R3direct is born from the union of the designer Stefano Giovacchini and CrescoLab, a company of crative engineers

we belive in a sustainable future

What makes object precious today?

We make objects 100% made of recycled plastic post consumer and entirely 3D printed. They are precious because technology, durability and sustainability turn them into icons of a contemporary concept of value and luxury.

What distinguishes us

We print waste

We are able to use heterogeneous post-consumer plastics, turning waste into a resource

We print plastic in grains

We print plastic in grains, without transform it into a filament: less energy, less co2

We print in large format

currently we can print objects up to one cubic meter, but we are working to make them bigger

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Development +39 339 503 2157

Design +39 348 300 85758




Production and development

Via del Canto, 55025 - Coreglia Antelminelli (LU), Italy

Registered office

Via di Belvedere 10, 55012 - Capannori (LU), Italy

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